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The Brand New Replacement Remote AA59-00442A (AA5900442A) fit for Samsung Smart HD LED LCD TVs

 About This Item

  • [COMPATIBILITIES] High-quality replacement remote control AA59-00442A (AA5900442A), compatible with Samsung HD LED LCD TVs LT23A750ND LT23A750ND/ZA LT23A750NDZA LT23A950ND LT23A950ND/ZA LT23A950NDZA LT27A750ND LT27A750ND/ZA LT27A750NDZA LT27A950ND LT27A950ND/ZA LT27A950NDZA PN51D6450 PN51D6450DF PN51D6450DFXZA PN51D6500 PN51D6500DF PN51D6500DFXZA PN51D6500DFXZC PN51D7000 PN51D7000F PN51D7000FF PN51D7000FFXZA PN59D6450 PN59D6450DF PN59D6450DFXZA PN59D6500 PN59D6500DF PN59D6500DFXZA PN59D6500DFXZC PN59D7000 PN59D7000F PN59D7000FF PN59D7000FFXZA PN59D8000F PN64D7000 PN64D7000F PN64D7000FF
  • PN64D7000FFXZA PN64D8000F T23A750 T23A950 T27A750 T27A950 UN32D6500 UN32D6500VF UN32D6500VFXZA UN32D6500VFXZX UN40D6400 UN40D6400UF UN40D6400UFXZA UN40D6450 UN40D6450UF UN40D6450UFXZA UN40D6450UFXZX UN40D6500 UN40D6500VF UN40D6500VFXZA UN40D6500VFXZC UN40D6500VFXZX UN46D6400 UN46D6400RF UN46D6400UF UN46D6400UFXZA UN46D6400UFXZX UN46D6450 UN46D6450UF UN46D6450UFXZA UN46D6500 UN46D6500VF UN46D6500VFXZA UN46D6500VFXZC UN46D7000 UN46D7050 UN46D7500 UN46D7500FXZA UN46D7900XFXZA UN46D8000YF
  • UN55D6000SFXZA UN55D6400 UN55D6400RF UN55D6400UF UN55D6400UFXZA UN55D6450 UN55D6450UF UN55D6450UFXZA UN55D6450UFXZX UN55D6500 UN55D6500VF UN55D6500VFXZA UN55D6500VFXZC UN55D7000 UN55D7000LFXZA UN55D7000LFXZC UN55D7000LFXZP UN55D7000LFXZX UN55D7050 UN55D7050XF UN55D7050XFXZA UN55D7500 UN55D7500XF UN55D7500XFXZA UN55D7900 UN55D7900XF UN55D7900XFXZA UN55D8000YF UN55D8000YFXZA UN55D8000YFXZC UN60D6400 UN60D6400UF UN60D6400UFXZA UN60D6450 UN60D6450UF UN60D6450UFXZA UN60D6500 UN60D6500VF
    UN60D6500VFXZA UN60D7000VF UN60D7000VFXZA UN60D7050 UN60D7050VF UN60D7050VFXZA UN60D8000YF UN60D8000YFXZA UN65D8000XF UN65D8000XFXZA
  • [SET-UP] No programming or pairing needed
  • [BATTERIES] 2 X 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (not Included)


New Replacement Remote Control AA59-00442A for Samsung Smart HD LED LCD TVs
699 799

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