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Brand New Original, OEM Vizio XRT132 TV Remote Control, Compatible to many Vizio LED HD TVs. This is an OEM product, not a knock-off or replacement.

 About This Item

  • [COMPATIBILITIES] High-quality Original (OEM) Vizio VRT132 remote control compatible with most Vizio Televisions (Basic Controls) (0980-0306-2670)
  • Compatible with: L30WGUAUO, L30WGUE, L30WGUGUE, , 0980-0305-4001, 0980-0305-4041, 0980-0305-3030, 0980-0305-9003, 0980-0305-9001, 0980-0305-9005, 0980-0305-4010, 0980-0305-3300, 0980-0305-0020, 6100BC0-N03-R, 0980-0305-0011, 6100BC0-N02-R, 0980-0306-0500, RC2744201/01, D24H-C1, D24HC1, D24HN-D1, D24HND1, D28H-C1, D28HC1, D28HN-D1, D28HND1, D32H-C0, D32HC0, D32H-C1, D32HC1, D32HN-D0, D32HND0, D32HN-D1, D32HND1, D32HN-E0, D32HNE0, D32HN-E1, D32HNE1, D32HN-E4, D32HNE4, D32HNX-E1, D32HNXE1,
  • D39HN-E0, D39HNE0, D40N-E3, D40NE3, D43N-E1, D43NE1, D48HN-E0, D48HNE0, D48N-E0, D48NE0, D55N-E2, D55NE2, D60N-E3, D60NE3, D320-B1, D320B1, D390-B0, D390B0, E221-A1, E221A1, E231-B1, E231B1, E241-A1, E241A1, E241-A1W, E241A1W, E241-B1, E241B1, E280-A1, E280A1, E280-B1, E280B1, E291-A1, E291A1, E320-A1, E320A1, E320-B0, E320B0, E320-B0E, E320B0E, E320-B1, E320B1, E320-B2, E320B2, E320-C0E, E320C0E, RS120-B3, RS120B3, D43N-E4, D43NE4, D55UN-E1, D55UNE1, E50-E1, E50E1, E55-E1, E65-E3, E65E3,
  • E75-E1, E75-E3, E75-E16, E75E16, E80-E3, M50-E1, M55-E0, M65-E0, M70-E3, M75-E1, P55-E1, P65-E1, P75-E1, E55E1, E75E1, E75E3, E80E3, M50E1, M55E0, M65E0, M70E3, M75E1, P55E1, P65E1, P75E1, D24HN-E1, D24HNE1, D50N-E1, D50NE1, E32-D1, E32D1, E32H-D1, E32HD1, E40-D0, E40D0, E43-D2, E43D2, E48-D0, E48D0, E50-D1, E50D1, E55-D0, E55D0, E55-E1, E55E1, D24D1, D24-D1, D24H-E1, D24HE1, D28HD1, D28H-D1, D32D1, D32-D1, D32F-E1, D32FE1, D32HD1, D32H-D1, D32XD1, D32X-D1, D39F-E1, D39FE1, D39HD0, D39H-D0,
  • D40D1, D40-D1, D40F-E1, D40FE1, D40UD1, D40U-D1, D43D1, D43-D1, D43D2, D43-D2, D43-E2, D43E2, D43F-E1, D43FE1, D43F-E2, D43FE2, D48D0, D48-D0, D48F-E0, D48FE0, D48F-E1, D48FE1, D50D1, D50-D1, D50-E1, D50E1, D50F-E1, D50FE1, D50UD1, D50U-D1, D55D2, D55-D2, D55E0, D55-E0, D55F-E0, D55FE0, D55F-E2, D55FE2, D55UD1, D55U-D1, D58UD3, D58U-D3, D60D3, D60-D3, D65D2, D65-D2, D65-E0, D65E0, D65UD2, D65U-D2, D70D3, D70-D3, E32C1, E32-C1, E32HC1, E32H-C1, E40C2, and more!
  • [NO PROGRAMMING] No programming required. No paring needed
  • [OEM] Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Vizio
  • [BATTERIES] 2X 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (not Included)
Brand New Original XRT132 Remote Control for Vizio LED HD TV
599 999

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