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Brand New Original, OEM Vizio XRT112 TV Remote Control with Amazon/Netflix/MGO shortcut keys, Compatible to many Vizio televisions including 4K, Smart TVs, 1080p, E-Series, M-Series, D-Series, and more.. This is an OEM product, manufactured by VIZIO, not a knock-off or replacement.

 About This Item

  • [COMPATIBILITIES] High-quality Original (OEM) Vizio VRT020 remote control compatible with most Vizio E370VP; E320VT; E370VT; E420VT ; E422VLE; M370SL; E322AR; E422AR XRT112 internet APP Remote for E320I-A2 E320i-A0 E322AR E422AR E502AR E370VP E420VT E422VLE M320SL M370SL E422VLE E472VLE E552VLE E322AR E422AR E472VLE/E552VLE and most of vizio LCD and LED TV.
  • D500I-B1, D500IB1, D650I, D650I-B2, D650IB2, D650I-C3, D650IC3, D6501, E24-C1, E24C1, E28H-C1, E28HC1, E231I-B1, E231IB1, E241IA1, E241I-A1, E241I-A1W, E241I-B1, E241IB1, E280I-A1, E280IA1, E280I-B1, E280IB1, E291IA1, E291I-A1, E320FI-B0, E320FIB0, E320FI-B2, E320FIB2, E320I-B2, E320IB2, E320IA2, E320I-A2, E320I-B0, E320IB0, E320I-B1, E320IB1, E320I-B2, E320IB2, E390IA1, E390I-A1, E390I-B0, E390IB0, E390I-B1, E390IB1, E390I-B1E, E390IB1E, E400I-B2, E400IB2
  • E650I-B2, E650IB2, E700I-B3, E700IB3, 401IA3, 600156T00886G, D24-173D1, D24173D1, D24-D1, D24D1, D28H-173D1, D28H173D1, D28H-D1, D28HD1, D32173-D1, D32173D1, D32-D1, D32H173-D1, D32H-D1, D32X-D1, D39H173-D0, D39HD0, D39H-D0, D40-173D1, D40U173-D1, D43-173D2, D43-D2, D48173-D0, D5001B1, D500IB1, D50173-D1, D50U-173D1
  • M322I-B2 M422I-B2 M492I-B2 M502I-B2 M552I-B2 M602I-B2 M652I-B2 E320I-A2 E600I-B3 E550I-B2 E550i-A0 E320i-A0 E420i-A0 E470i-A0 E500i-A0 E550i-A0 VSB207E320iA0 E552VLE E422VLE E471VLE E472VLE E371VL E321VL E3D320VX E3D470VX E3D420VX M320SL M370SL D500I-B1 E320I-B0 E500I-B1 D650I-B2 E480I-B2 E550I-B2 E231I-B1 E241I-B1 E280I-B1 E241I-A1 E291I-A1 E320I-A0 E550I-A0 E241I-A1W
  • No programming required. No paring needed
  • [OEM] Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Vizio
  • [BATTERIES] 2X 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (not Included)


Brand New Original Vizio XRT112 Smart TV Remote Control with MGO Key
999 1099

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