1699 1999


Brand New Original, OEM, Genuine TCL Roku TV Remote Control RC280 with built-in Netflix/Vudu/CBS NEWS/Sling shortcut Keys

 About This Item

  • [COMPATIBILITIES] High-quality Original (OEM) TCL Roku TV Remote Control RC280 with Netflix/Vudu/CBS NEWS/Sling, compatible with TCL Models: 65S405 43S405 49S405 55S405 40S3800 55US57 28S3750 40FS3800 50FS3800 40FS4610R 48FS4610R 55FS4610R 55US5800 65US5800 43FP110 49FP110 55UP120 32S3750 40FS3750 48FS3750 55FS3750
  • 32S3700 32FS3700 32FS4610R 32S800 32S850 32S3850 48FS3700 55FS3700 28S305 32S305 40S305 43S305 49S305 32S3800 32S3850 (A/B/P) 32S3850A 32S3850B 32S3850P 40FS3850 50FS3850 55FS3850 32S4610R 50FS3750 50UP120 65S401 32S301
  • [OEM] Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: TCL Roku
  • [BATTERIES] 2X 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (not Included)
Brand New Original TCL Roku TV Remote Control with CBS NEWS+Keys
1699 1999

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